Credit Report and History

If you are hiring for a position that handles cash or has access to customers’ personal information, including address, date of birth, and credit card number, you will want to run a credit report on any potential new employee.

Seeing their credit report and viewing their credit history is an indication of how responsible the candidate is. Those who have late payments or who are in default may not be someone you want to trust with cash.

Viewing an applicant’s credit history is also useful in a number of other instances. Extending a line of credit, for example, should only be done after you see how the applicant has handled his or her credit. LendFACT is your solution for financial and lending needs. You may also want to run a credit report when renting properties, too, because someone who is late on credit card payments and bills may be late on the rent. USATenant offer the proper form of compliant credit history for these needs.


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What You Get with a Credit Report from USAFact

When you order a credit report from our team, we will provide you with records listing all available credit information about a candidate, including the following:

  • Missed payments on bills, credit cards, and loans
  • Number of credit accounts opened
  • Any legal actions taken against the individual for lack of payments
  • Any payments sent to collections
  • Liens on any property the individual owes
  • Bankruptcies
  • Any actions taken by any federal financing agencies


Our credit history search includes any aliases the individual may have used over the years. This will catch individuals who have tried to use false information, including fake names and incorrect birthdates.


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