I-9 & E-Verify Solutions

When you hire a new employee, you must make certain all the correct paperwork is submitted to the correct agency, including all tax and insurance information.

RapidFACT offers electronic I-9 and E-Verify solutions that will make submitting this paperwork quick and easy. By moving to electronic paperwork, you can cut down the amount of resources required to create, view, manage, and store these documents. Everything is done through an online portal.


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With USAFact's suite of services you get reliable and accurate results for clear decision making. A stress-free client portal with real-time status updates.  And a dedicated account manager that knows your specific needs.



What we offer

  • Meet state and federal laws.
  • Comply with all U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations.
  • Better manage employment paperwork, including I-9 forms.
  • Make use of automatic fact-checking that will catch a number of simple errors, improving the accuracy of these documents.
  • Quickly pull reports to comply with an audit.


I-9 Solutions

If you’re ready to leave paper forms behind, we can help you transition into an electronic I-9 form and database that makes use of e-signatures to reduce the amount of work for both you and your new employee. Once completed, these documents can be quickly retrieved, printed if necessary, and electronically submitted. Electronic I-9 processing takes only about 25% of the time that manual processing takes.


Highlights of our solutions

  • Streamline the I-9 process.
  • Reduce paperwork and eliminate the need to store physical paper files.
  • Access information from any location using our web portal.
  • Improve the accuracy on each form.
  • View change history and any annotations.
  • Increase productivity.



With E-Verify, you know exactly who you are hiring. In today’s world, that has become a necessary component of workplace security, so it’s vital that you work with a partner who offers a comprehensive verification process.


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If you’re in need of I-9 solutions or E-Verify assistance, contact USAFact today. We can help you reduce the amount of time and manpower you spend on these necessary tasks while safeguarding your workforce.

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USAFact is experienced in developing standardized screening programs for both large companies concerned with multi-jurisdictional, global applications as well as smaller, regional companies needing a hand in making sound hiring decisions to grow their business.

At USAFact we understand your most valuable resource is your employees. We provide your business the very best services to ensure you find and hire the trustworthy and skilled employees your company deserves.

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