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What is SmartPak?

SmartPak is USAFact’s unique background screening service that does more than simply provide you with information about a potential hire’s background. We offer a number of different ways you can screen a candidate, and all you need is the person’s name and social security number.


We provide these three primary screening options:

  • National Criminal Database
  • Statewide Criminal Database
  • County Source Level Criminal Search

Once you’ve taken this first look, you can add in our experienced nationwide tools that will provide you with a large amount of information about your candidate, giving you a full, completely picture of his or her background.


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How Can We Help You?

Many businesses only check a candidate’s history as far as the quick “first look” shows. They don’t look back beyond that, nor do they necessarily do a more detailed search to learn more about a potential candidate. However, some people have things in their past that may affect their present employment, and not every candidate tells the whole and complete truth on their applications. SmartPak will provide you with a much more detailed look at any hire, combining the quick first look with a much more detailed history.

Doing a background screening that checks many different nationwide databases and other records can catch discrepancies and omissions that normal background checks wouldn’t. Using SmartPak, you can verify everything a candidate provides to you, allowing you to confidently hire someone.


The SmartPak Solution


  • A la Carte Ordering Rates:
    You order what you need and only pay for that. While our state background screening package bundles a number of searches together, you’re free to order only what you want.
  • Lowest Rates:
    Our standard package offers consistent screening that includes the National Address Locator, national criminal databases, the tax credit survey, and more.
  • Flat Rates:
    This comprehensive package offers a one-stop approach that’s billed at a single flat-rate. If you need unlimited searches, this is the most economical option.


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